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Syracuse Pedal Tours offers a unique one of a kind way to experience Syracuse beginning and ending at 100 Wilkinson Street next to Middle Ages Brewing where we offer Free Parking to our guests in the front and on the side of the building. Our 13 seat bike features room for 8 peddlers and 5 riders and has a speaker for you to play your own music off of. We have 2 bikes that can be rented at the same time for larger groups to go around together.  The minimum number of peddlers for a tour is 6, notice we said 6 peddlers not people. Check out our FAQ section below to find the answers to any questions you may have.

Where Will We Go?

Pick 2 among Wolfs Biergarten, Press Room Pub, Shaughnessys in the Hotel Syracuse, Kitty Hoynes, Saltine Warrior, Hop Spot, Clinton Street Pub, Oh My Darling and all the different Armory and Evergreen Square bars to pick between. You will visit 2 bars for about 35 minutes each. Even if the bars you want to visit are close to each other we can pedal around the city and come back later. We want to make sure you get your pedals worth in because that is the funnest part and why you rented the bike. 

How Much Does It Cost

The cost is $300 Monday-Thursday $350 on the weekend for groups of up to 10 guests. When you have more than 10 guests the cost is an additional $30 per person. The 48 hour rule is important to note, what it means is that you can add guests at $30 per person up until the 48th hour before your tour then after it goes to $35 per person. It also means you cannot cancel people for a refund/credit when it is less than 48 hours before your tour. All you have to do is call, text, email us and we will take care of it for you. 

Please be sure to call us to book so we can save you from having to pay the 6% online booking fee our booking software charges

How To Book Your Tour

When the time comes to book click on the book a tour now button on the top scroll bar or give us a call (to save you from paying online fees) and select the private pub crawl unless you are looking for an architecture or progressive dinner tour. You simply pick from the available dates and times and enter your contact information and your credit card and the date and time is yours. You can also pay with Cash App or Venmo over the phone.  Cancellation/Rescheduling policy is a subsection below

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Here Are a Few Pro Tips to Follow For a Great Pedal Tour 🙂

Bring Cash

We cant stress this enough because 1 it will make it much easier for your group to pay you back. 2 it will prevent your group getting delayed because you had to wait for someone to close out there tab. 3 to tip your driver at the end. You will find that they do a whole lot more then just drive your group from Point A to B, one of the big things they do is to take all the group photos on the organizers phone. Please let the ladies in your group know to bring a wristlet versus a large purse because they only need cash and an ID.

Wear sneakers or shoes

Flip flops can fall off when you are pedaling. When the bike is moving, the pedals are moving, and we don’t want a person to get their foot hit by the pedal because they lost their flip flops. Please wear sneakers or shoes and let the other members of your group know to do the same. If someone shows up in flip flops we have to let them on but there is a reason we tell people to not wear flip flops every step of the way.

Always prepare for the worst weather wise

Bring a hoodie/jacket. We have plenty of space to store everything and don’t want our guests to be cold. The awning will keep you dry, & we drop you off right in front of the bars, and cover your seat so you don’t come back to wet seats. We have gone out in every type of weather imaginable and never had any problems. In fact the fall and spring can be the perfect time to do a pedal tour while the weather is cooler.


Play whatever you want from your cell phone to our speakers via Bluetooth. Pandora, Spotify, a playlist, it all works. No need to bring a aux cord because of the bluetooth system.

The Answers you are looking for – Some Frequent Questions

The most commonly asked questions are: can I drink/bring alcohol on the pub crawler?

The answer is YES!!  You may bring beer, wine, seltzers, hard lemonades and iced teams. New this year you can bring canned cocktails purchased at your local liquor store. No more than 2 alcoholic drinks per person tho (that means 12oz cans). Wine must be in a plastic bottle, can or juice box. NO glass, NO liquor which includes jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles and NO growlers or boxed wine which we cannot have you drink out of solo cups due to the large mess it will make with all the bumps. You must have completed your beer by the time we get back, you cannot take open beverages to go and we have to get ready for the next tour so you will have to dump out your beer.

Coordinate who will bring what (this year we had a group where 5 people brought bags of potato chips). You are responsible for your own cooler and ice, only one cooler per tour due to space constraints. Don’t forget the water!

No tailgating in the street or the parking lot before your tour. Where our guests park is right in front of our landlords office please do not get us in trouble!  We do not want to start off on the wrong note so please let your group know to not do this. If someone shows up with an open drink just put it in the cooler, no harm no foul. 

Where does our tour begin and end?

New as of August 28th that both bikes begin and end at 100 Wilkinson Street. We will of course mention this to you during the pre tour phone call to the organizer but our location does not update on the confirmation email sent to you when you booked so if you sent that out people will have our old address. We have also done tours for 4 years so people may just assume we are at the old location.

Can anyone not pedal?

The length of everyone’s legs vary but if you are 5’2 or shorter we will want you to go on the seat and pedal backwards before the tour to see if you will be able to pedal or not. If you are not able to pedal enjoy any of the 5 non pedaling seats on each bike. We do have weight restrictions on who can pedal and that means anyone over 275 lbs can not sit on a pedaling station because with the angle of the seat it will bend under their weight. They can ride on the back bench

How Old Do You Have To Be To Come On A Tour?

We consider this on a case by case basis. We do architecture tours for high school students as long as their parents sign the waiver on their behalf ahead of time. For family parties you can bring along minors even if it is a bar tour (most places we stop are bar/restaurants so they can go in) We do not allow minors to go out on a 21st birthdays, bachelorettes.

What is your season?

We do tours year round! We would not go out in a snowstorm or when there is slush in the streets (the salt would eat up the bottom of the bike) But just because it is cold it does not stop our groups from having a great time. 

Can we bring food and drinks?

Absolutely! Bring all types of food, snacks, appetizers and candy that you want on board. We have plenty of room for you to store your food. We strongly encourage you to bring some food and snacks to munch on & some water to hydrate with. Don’t forget to bring the paper towels and plates. Dont forget the candles for the cake. For drinks bring all the water you want but no more than 2 alcoholic beverages per person (12oz cans of beer) NO glass, liquor which includes jello shots and mix drinks in water bottles and don’t plan on drinking out of a solo cup because it will spill all over the bike. These rules are strictly enforced which is why we tell them to the organizer and put them all over the website so please abide by them. If you don’t you will have to return the banned alcohol to your car which will kill time when you could have been out on the bike. Keep in mind certain foods are easier to serve on the bike such as cupcakes. Each route has one stop where the bar does not have a kitchen so you can bring your own food and snacks in.

How many people do we need in our group?

This is determined by the number of peddlers you have because not everyone can pedal and we need 7 people at minimum to go out on a tour. We set the limit at 7 so that the tour wouldn’t be too physically exhausting. The maximum is 13 people with room for 8 peddlers and 5 riders. We sometimes do social mixers where smaller groups go out together and we advertise those on our Facebook page. We do not add groups together if they have extra spots.

How much should we tip our driver?

Our drivers do way more than just get you from Point A to Point B. They will help you decorate the bike, clean, stay with your belongings on the bike while you are in the bar, put up with everyone’s drunken shenanigans and most importantly take all the group photos on the organizers phone. Make sure you have battery and memory before the tour. The organizer almost always collects the tip money from the driver ahead of time and gives it to the driver at some point before the end of the tour because it gets hectic when the tour ends. 

Does rain/inclement weather prevent our tour from going out?

The answer is NO. With a large awning overhead it helps keep everyone dry, combined with dropping you as close to the entrance as possible so rain will not ruin your tour. Do not worry about thunder or lightning it is the same as you being in your car. While wish every day was 70 and sunny do not let the rain get you down, you will have an amazing time regardless of rain or shine. The only things that can cancel tours is wind of 35+ mph, snow and ice. Since we started in 2016 season we have not canceled 1 tour! The cold doesn’t affect anyone because between the pedaling and drinking you will be more then warm enough. You just need to dress appropriately which means to make sure you wear gloves and something covering your ears. We have plenty of storage space on the bike for extra clothing, food and snacks, decorations etc.

Who is in charge of the pub crawler?

The renter-the person who paid, calls all the shots. They organized the group, collected the money, and did all the hard work to get your group out so we answer to them. It is their job to let us know ahead of time what route the group wants to do.</p>
We have never had anyone fall, get hurt, had an accident or the bike tip over (for some reason people always ask us this). Do what we say and you have nothing to worry about. The waiver is a precautionary measure that if you follow and respect will lead to a safe and fun trip. Your driver will go over all the basics before your tour and check your id’s to make sure everyone is 21. We take safety seriously and plan on keeping our safety streak intact.

What should I do if I have any questions I have not found on this page?

Please read the blog entires which are detailed write ups about every facet of a pedal tour .If you have booked a tour and are wondering when you will get the pre tour phone call, expect a phone call from us the day before your tour.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us via call/text or email at anytime (we don’t have bankers hours) If you reach out to us via email or leave a voicemail you can expect a timely response. Feel free to text our number as well and as soon as we see it we will respond. Our website features an up to the minute calendar of all the dates and times you have to pick between and when the time comes that is where you will book.

What is your refund/reschedule policy?

It all depends on how many days before the tour and if you are looking to switch the date or cancelling. The more advanced notice you give us then the more we can do for you. We do ask for that in this event you email us via the communicate link on your confirmation email to create a paper trail to protect the both of us. The basics of our cancellation policy are when it is more than 30+ days from your tour then you can either switch to anytime in a calendar year or get a refund of half of your deposit. When it is between 15-30 days of your tour you can either switch within a 15 day raincheck window or get a refund of half of the total amount (the other half of payment is collected on the 15th day before your tour) and if it is 15 days or less from your tour the date/time is yours