Progressive Dinners are a great way to celebrate with family, friends or co workers. What the dinner entails is going to 2 restaurants for different shareable foods and drinks. With so many food options in the area we work hand in hand with the organizer. You pick the downtown restaurants you want to go to and we let you know what time we will arrive at the restaurants so they can order ahead. The organizer calls the restaurant and says I have a group of 13 people coming in at 6:15 and would like to order X, Y and Z and we will only be here for half an hour so please have it ready at 6:15. You get to decide what food you want to order (you pay for the food) Progressive dinners we have done have been a success with groups stopping at 2 places for food then bringing desert with them to eat on the bike which allows for 35 minutes in the 2 restaurants. 

Please note that you are always able to just order food ahead of time at one restaurant and go to another stop for just drinks. When you book a tour we will work with you to create whatever type of tour you are looking for. Remember you can always bring our own food to eat on the bike or bring in Wolfs Biergarden. In additional to being able to bring food you can bring alcohol such as beer, seltzers, hard lemonade and iced teas, wine and canned cocktails. 

The bike fits 13 people with 7 being the minimum for a tour and of those 13 seats 5 are non pedaling seats. The cost is $300 Monday- Thursday $350 weekends for groups of up to 10 people. If you have more than 10 guests you just pay proportionally more so $30/$35 each. This is great since it is hard to have a final guest count until it gets closer to the tour but in the mean time we book up fast so make sure you have around 10 and then book ASAP. It is very easy to add on additional guests later and you can even add them up until you get on the actual bike. Please note that it does cost an additional $5 to add guests on when it is within 48 hours of your tour leaving. 

Restaurants that we have worked with successfully in the past 

Press Room Pub

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Dinosaur BBQ

Shaughnessys Irish Pub