We cannot do progressive dinners again until restaurants are allowed to operate at full capacity. You can still pre order food to be ready for arrival to eat on the bike 

Progressive Dinners are a great way to celebrate with family, friends or co workers. What the dinner entails is going to 2 restaurants for different shareable foods and drinks. With so many food options in the area we work hand in hand with the organizer. You pick the downtown restaurants you want to go to and we let you know what time we will arrive at the restaurants so they can order ahead. The organizer calls the restaurant and says I have a group of 13 people coming in at 6:15 and would like to order X, Y and Z and we will only be here for half an hour so please have it ready at 6:15. You get to decide what food you want to order (you pay for the food) Every progressive dinner we have done has been a success with groups stopping at 2 places for appetizers then bringing desert with them to eat on the bike which allows for 40 minutes in the 2 restaurants.  Due to demands on the restaurants we cannot do these tours on Friday and Saturday nights. Groups can pre order food at any stop on any of tours.  The bike fits 13 people with 7 being the minimum for a tour and of those 13 seats 5 are non pedaling seats.