We are lucky to begin and end our tours in an area of the city that is rich in history and features amazing architecture. How our architecture tours work is that we pedal to select sites around the city get off the bike and your tour guide/driver will have everyone gather around them and talk about the not just the history of the area but also what the future holds. We keep it fun and informational and take some amazing photos of the group with the buildings/statues behind them. You still able to bring your own alcohol and food on the tour and get to pick 1 or 2 places to stop. It could be a bar, restaurant, ice cream shop or wherever you want to stop at downtown.

The cost is $300 Monday-Thursday $350 on the weekend for groups of up to 10 guests. When you have more than 10 guests the cost is an additional $30/$35 per person depending on if it is weekend or weekday. The 48 hour rule is important to note, what it means is that you can add guests at $30 per person up until the 48th hour before your tour then after it goes to $35/$40 per person. It also means you cannot cancel people for a refund/credit when it is less than 48 hours before your tour. All you have to do is call, text, email us and we will take care of it for you. 

In addition to talking about the historic buildings we also fill you in on the time period. Examples include about the Erie Canal, Abolition Movement, Sam Shubert and local architect Horatio Nelson White. We also love to show off the amazing churches that we pass. My name is Philip and I am the owner and I travel the country viewing old and pretty churches because that is where many of the finest point of architecture meet and I love to talk about them.  This tour is available to groups of all ages (we allow minors on family architecture tours and school tours) It makes a great team building activity for any work place, when you sweat together you form an actual bond. Think sports, military, etc. 

With two 13 seat bikes we can take groups of up to 26 people out for a history tour of Syracuse.