Book a Pedal Bike Tour of Downtown Syracuse!

We now have two 13 person pedal powered trolley takes groups around downtown Syracuse. One bike begins by Middle Ages Brewery and the other across from Press Room Pub. The pricing is based off a base price of $300 Monday-Thursday, $350 for the weekends for a group of up to 10 guests. Each additional guest after the 10th is $30 extra per person.  You may add people after booking, we encourage you to call and book right away to ensure your group gets the date/time they are looking for. All you have to do is call/text/email to add people onto your tour. The 48 hour rule is important to note. What that means is that is $30 to add extra people up to 48 hours before your tour, after it goes up to $35 per person. At the same time you can cancel people and get a refund up to 48 hours before your tour. When it is less than you do not get a refund/credit. 

It is a 2 hour tour, tax is in that number but tip for the driver is not. You need to have 6 pedalers with 13 being the max. Please call us to book direct over the phone so we can save you from having to pay online booking fees. Besides your credit card you can also pay with Cash App or Venmo. You bring your own beer, wine, seltzers, hard lemonade and iced teas. New this year you can bring canned cocktails purchased at your local liquor store. Liquor is not allowed, which includes mystery water bottles and jello shots.  You are allowed 2-12oz cans per person, we also encourage you to bring water (it does not count against your 2 alcoholic beverage limit of course)  You can also bring your own food and snacks on the bike, with NYS restrictions each group must bring one food item on the bike to comply with covid rules. The bike has a bluetooth speaker for someone to be the DJ from their phone. For birthdays and bachelorettes we encourage groups to decorate the bike, take a look at the blog entry about decorating on our blog section. We have a bin for garbage and for recycling your cans.