Tour Pricing 

Please call us to book direct so you do not have to pay an online booking fee which is 6%

Monday-Thursday tours are $300 for groups of up to 10, each additional guest is $30 per person. The tour is for 2 hours. 

Friday-Sunday tours are $350 for a group of up to 10, each additional guest is $35 per person more. All tours are 2 hours. 

When you have more than 10 guests you pay for each additional guest. You can add people up until your tour begins but the extra people that get added within 48 hours of the tour cost  $5 extra. If you have a real flakey friend or someone is unsure it is better to add them at the higher rate because if people are unable to come you do not get any type of credit or refund

Last Minute Tours- when groups book a tour less than 48 hours before the tour start time a $5 per guest charge is added which covers the drivers tip. Since the driver will be giving up their plans they should not have to worry about getting a fair tip. 

Please pre collect your drivers tip ahead of time. They prefer cash but also have venmo/cash app. The end of tours is the craziest time so tipping before the end if you are having great service is appreciated.

-Multi Bike tours are the cost of 2 bikes weekend/weekday rate and covers up to 20 guests. If you have more than 20 people then you pay for each additional person. There is no discount for booking multiple bikes