Tour Pricing – Please call us to book direct so you do not have to pay an online booking fee which is 6%

All tours have a base rate for groups of up to 10 people. Each additional guest is $30 is more. You can add more people on after you book so we encourage groups to book for the base rate to ensure they get the date and time they are looking for and then add on later. The 48 hour rule is important to note. What that means is that you can add people to your group for $30 per person until 48 hours before your tour. When it is less than 48 hours to your tour the cost goes to $35 per person. To add people on simply call, text or email us. When it is less than 48 hours to your tour you do not get a refund/credit for people that cannot come.

Monday-Thursday tours are $300 for groups of up to 10, each additional guest is $30 per person. The tour is for 2 hours. 

Friday-Sunday tours are $350 for a group of up to 10, each additional guest is $30 per person more. All tours are 2 hours. 

Please pre collect your drivers tip ahead of time. They prefer cash but venmo/cash app they also will take

Booking direct with us over the phone saves you from having to pay booking fees (6%) you can also pay with Cash App or Venmo. 

-Multi Bike tours are the cost of 2 bikes weekend/weekday. Please note that the bikes start at 2 locations and meet up together and do the tour together. With covid bars have trouble having both bikes come at one time so you mostly stay on the bikes and visit one area with multiple bars nearby to split up and go to.


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