Looking for Bachelorette Party Ideas in Syracuse

Decorate the bike,  bring your own seltzers, hard lemonade and iced teas, beer, wine and canned cocktails plus food and let us be your driver and photographer for an unforgettable experience. Our bike fits up to 13 people and you do not have to be 21 to do a tour so it is perfect to include everyone. Grandma can even ride on the back bench. We even have two bikes if you are super popular or want to do a combined bachelor/bachelorette party. Our 2 hour takes you around downtown Syracuse, you pick where you want to go. You visit 2 bars for about 35 minutes which leaves plenty of time for pedaling photos and good times on the bike.

The cost is $300 Monday-Thursday $350 weekends for groups of up to 10 guests. Each additional guest after the 10th is $30 more per person on weekdays and $35 on weekends. We encourage groups to book for the base rate and then add people on later. The 48 hour rule is important to note, what that means is that you may add guests for $30/$35 per person up to the 48th hour before your tour. Then it goes up to $35/$40 per person. At the same time you cannot cancel guests for a refund/credit when it is less than 48 hours from your tour. All you have to do is call, text, email and we will take care of it for you right away. It is a great way to be able to book right when you have the date/time you are looking for then worry about final numbers as it gets much closer to the actual date of your tour. 

Let Us Get One Of The Most Memorable Nights Of Your Life Started

When you arrive for the day/night of your tour your driver will help decorate the bike and get you hooked up to our  bluetooth speaker where you can play whatever you would like wirelessly from it. The driver has a quick pre tour spiel to let everyone know what to do/not to do on the bike then we get on our way to the bars you picked out. It does not make a difference to us where you spend your money we just want to make sure you get your “pedals worth” on the bike so we group the bars in an area together and you pick one bar among that cluster. Besides decorating the bike, groups wear matching shirts, sash’s for the bachelorette, penis straws and all types of other things. Take a look at the photo gallery on our website for some great decorating ideas from prior groups to piggy back off.

“Jack And Jill” Style Pedal Tours

This is a great way to get the wedding parties interacting and to bond over this super fun experience. The way the bike is built stimulates conversation because you are facing everyone and bar hopping as one big unit will lead to memories being created.

We make a great activity for out of town guests to do while they are in town between the rehearsal dinner and the big day. We will take them around downtown Syracuse and show off its amazing architecture and history as we take them to cool local restaurant and bars. Another wedding related activity that we have been used multiple times is a family bonding activity to get the families to meet. Many times the parents have met but the brothers/sisters and their significant others have only seen each other in photos and we make for a great activity for everyone to come out together and get to know each other

Tours begin and end at the back of the Post Standard Newspaper building at Clinton Square. 239 North Clinton Street is what you should put in your GPS but you cannot park there. Find the closest parking spot. Street parking is free after 6pm and on weekends. Paid parking is offered in lots at Press Room Pub and Dinosaur BBQ. Glazed and Confused Doughnuts and Dinosaur BBQ are two local landmarks a minute walk from where your tour will begin and end