Our COVID-19 Policy Updated October 9th 2021

We are aware of the Delta Variant and the growing cases in the area but it does not change anything in regards to our tour. No mask requirements or checking of vaccine statuses on our end. Our drivers have been vaccinated but are willing to mask up if your group requires it. No stops on our tour require masks or check vaccine statuses so nothing to worry about it.

  • Anyone feeling ill we ask not to come to protect your group
  • Your driver will call you a day or two before your tour to say hi and to find out where you want to go. When your tour begins we will call the bar ahead of time to see if they have room for our group. If they do not then we will help you pick out another bar
  • Some of the bars with more open air areas include Press Room Pub, Wolfls Beergarten, Talking Cursive Brewing, Margaritas, Shaughnessy’s in the Hotel Syracuse. Other bars have outdoor seating as well these are just some of them. 

Team Building Tours Available!

We are letting you know that our pedal tours are a great way to have some team building experience and bonding with your co-workers. A corporate event can sound a little dreadful, but with Syracuse Pedal Tours, we allow you to relax, have a good time, and build lasting relationships with your team.

Team Building Pedal Bike Tour, Syracuse, NY

What to Expect on a Team Building Tour 

On a Team Building Pedal Tour, we allow you to bring your own beer or wine with a two-drink maximum per person rule. We will be your guide and DD as we pedal around the city of Syracuse. You can also bring your own snacks and water. We provide a Bluetooth speaker, so you can enjoy your own music and playlists. We encourage you to share control just in case people get a little sick and tired of someone’s music taste.

Pick a Type of Pedal Tour

We have a bunch of different types of pedal tours you can choose from. Some include private pub crawls, progressive dinners, architecture tours, and more. All of these tours can help get your team bonding and getting to know each other without having to be sitting in the office. It’s difficult to enjoy each other’s company when you’re stuck working in an office. This is why we would like you to have as much fun as possible. Have some drinks, eat some food, and pedal your way to some new friendships. This will make it less awkward at the office because we all know that no one wants tension in the workplace.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to have a work bonding experience, book a pedal tour with Syracuse Pedal Tours today. Contact us at 315-420-9640 today, and we can help you plan your next work outing!

I Booked A Tour Now What

First and foremost make sure you booked, you will know you booked your tour because you will get a confirmation email. The confirmation email is  very important because it tells you everything important that your group needs to know so please forward or copy and paste it to everyone coming so that you do not have to say the same thing over and over and no one can say you did not tell me this or that. They can also check back against it instead of asking you. Your driver will call you a few days before your tour to walk you through the day of your tour and to let you know what bars your group will be visiting.

Your tour begins and ends at 100 Wilkinson Street with free parking in the front and side of the building. It is where Middle Ages Brewing is which is perfect to visit before/after your tour. NO pregaming in the parking lot this is a place of business and our landlords offices are right there, anyone caught drinking their own alcohol on the premise will NOT be allowed on the tour so please let your group know. We say this over and over because it is important to our business which is why we count on the organizer to make sure the group knows. 

Be sure to read the other blog entries which will help you with packing, decorating, pro tips and other helpful information.  We want to make sure you have as much fun as possible in a safe environment that respects the City of Rochester. That means late night tours no being obnoxiously loud and disrupting of people’s sleep. We are very good about responding to emails, phone calls and texts quickly and with detailed answers so never hesitate to reach out. You will find we are easy to get ahold of and during that pre tour phone call we tell you EVERYTHING you need to know and when you get off the phone with us that you will have no questions about what to expect the day of your pedal tour

Great Signs To Piggyback Off When Making Your Own

Shout out to all the amazing groups who made these signs. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so take a look at these amazing signs and use them for inspiration on your pedal tour. Remember to put them on a piece of posterboard (it cannot be wider then a door frame so that it does not cover up our turn signals. Poke some holes in the corners for zip ties, strings or painter tape (no clear or packaging tape on the bike)Signs not only look good on the back of the bike are a great prop to hold in the group photos your driver will take of you

Multi Bike Tours

2 Bike Pedal Tour Fun

Today August 27th we have just completed our move of both bikes into 100 Wilkinson Street which is right next to Middle Ages Brewing which allows 2 bike tours to begin and end together. This is awesome because before they began/ended at different locations and would meet up and pedal around together and then at the end return to their respective garages. Now groups can spend the whole time together.

During a 2 bike tour groups visit 2 bars for about 40 minutes at each. You get to pick the bars but we do have to run it by them ahead of time to make sure they are cool with it during the time of your tour. We do these tours at least 2 times a month in the summer so we are great at making sure everything runs smoothly and taking tons of group photos for you. This is the perfect team building and joint bachelor/bachelorette parties. 

Just Look at the Smiles on Everyones Faces

We Are Excited About 2018

We began doing tours in June of last year and we are super excited for our fast approaching one year anniversary. Our only goal is to make sure your group has as much fun as possible and that you want to do another tour as soon as possible! We do everything in our power to make your job as the organizer as easy as possible and to make sure you know the answers to peoples inevitable questions. Here are some more pro tips for 2018

-The address we give you is 220 Herald Place which is actually right across the street from where we begin and end our tours in the Krell Heating and Cooling Parking Lot. Our garage is in the back of the Trexx building which faces north clinton so it is no point to give that dress.

-make reservations for Dinosaur BBQ after your tour, you are going to smell the amazing food and get hungry. It happens all the time, they walk over and Dinosaur BBQ is very busy and it takes a long time to get reservations for a group of up to 13 people

-bring cupcakes versus a cake when you are celebrating birthdays. This way you do not have to bring serving utensils. Wolfs Biergarten and Sahm Brewing Company let you bring your own food and snacks inside so take advantage of being able to do that.

-make sure you decorate the bike whether it be a birthday, bachelorette or you are just going out for fun. A “you beep, we drink sign” will make for a memorable tour

Fun Raiser

What’s the deal with the Funraiser?

This exciting, new “funraiser” is a great way to raise money for your organization while having a good time. After you’ve been approved and we agree on a date, you’ll work to promote the day we’ve agreed on and try to sell as many tours as possible because you will keep half of the proceeds. In the winter, you can pick any day of the week to host your fundraiser (and that does include weekends) but once our season gets busier in April, then it will take place only on Mondays during select weeks for the rest of the year. Please note, this is for the pedal tour bikes, not the boat.


Regular season (April-November) guests pay $285. The tip for the driver is not included in this amount.

Subtract taxes, which are $21.11, and we divide that up by 2. We know you are a non-profit, but when you purchase the tour you have to pay tax on it. You keep $132 off each tour sold.

In the winter, our rate is $200 on a weekday or $250 on a weekend. We will subtract the tax and divide that by 2. Also in the winter, we’ll allow your organization to pick weekends as well. From December 1st through March 31st, organizations can book for weekend tours. The rest of the year Funraisers take place on Mondays.

Your tour is half off, so we also encourage the organization to book one tour and sell individual tickets to it for people that are unable to get a full group together so they can join. You can sell these tickets for however many dollars you want and keep all of that profit because you booked the tour for the fixed price of $285 (of which that you will keep $132). Tip: If you provide the beer, wine, and food, you could charge riders a premium.

Tour Types

We offer bar/brewery tours, architecture tours, and food tours. The guests get to pick whatever type of tour they want. If the group books a bike to sell individual tickets, we encourage the architecture tour because of how fun it is! We have start times at 1:00, 3:30, 6:00, and 8:30 p.m. If your group is able to get board members to team building events where they work in the afternoon and have friends and neighbors join at night, your group can potentially raise a lot of money.

Payment is done through our website rochesterpedaltours.com where they’ll be able to view an up-to-the-minute calendar and book. On the questionnaire after they book, they’ll write the name of the charity so we know how much to write the check for. We’ll write you a check for the total amount when the tours are completed.

What do we expect out of your organization?

We want to make you as much money as possible, which is why we give you all the promotional material to use to sell tours. The harder you hustle, the more tours you’ll sell and the more money you’ll raise. We are working towards the same goal of selling pedal tours, so we want our sales material to be used word-for-word because we see it work everyday. We’ll message you a logo, photos of the bikes, and sales pitch to use for marketing. Any time you mention us, make sure you tag us and after the event, mention us in a status and include a picture of a group on the bike. Reviews are important to our business, your driver will ask the groups to write reviews, but we want to ensure you and other members of your organizations write us reviews on any of the review websites.

Next Steps

Talk this over with your boards and message us to start working on date selection because dates fill up quickly.

Pedal Tour Fun

Driving pedal tour truly is the funnest job ever, sure not every group is perfect but the overwhelming majority are filled with great people. I love to see how much fun groups are having, you will never know how fun it is to high five someone walking on the street or when someone honks and wishes you a happy birthday because of the sign on the back of the bike. Going on a pedal tour is such a unique experience in so many ways and you need to try it for yourself! Anyone you know who has been on one will tell you what a great time they had. Just look at all the smiles on the photos we post and they will sell you more on a pedal tour then anything I can write here.

Bachelor Party Fun

The Route

Your driver will call you a few days before your tour to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out where you want to go. As of Friday August 27th we have moved locations so now both bikes are stored in a garage at 100 Wilkinson Street with free parking in the front and side of the building for our guests. This is right next store to Middle Ages Brewery which is the perfect place to go before and/or after the tour. You can pick up some cans to bring on the tour and bring your food into the brewery (as long as there isnt a food truck that day)

The Bars To Pick Between

Wolfls Biergarten allows you to bring in your own food and snacks

Press Room Pub – has the biggest patio outside

Shaughnesseys in the Hotel Syracuse has a large patio

Hop Spot

Saltine Warrior

Clinton Street Pub

Anything But Beer – outdoor seating

Talking Cursive Brewery – outdoor seating

And Many Many More That You Can Pick

Even if you want to visit 2 bars that are right by each other we can pedal around the city and come back to the second bar you want to visit. We want to make sure you get your pedals worth in the bike because that is the funnest part and why you rented the bike. If you are one of the groups that says they just want to pedal around make sure you remember that it is just pedal powered so you do need to make at least one stop to use the bathroom facilities. 

Pro Tips

At the beginning of every tour we tell the group that we are in a referral based industry. We want to make sure you have a GREAT experience and want to do it again. In fact when you book a tour it asks how did you hear about us and the number one response is a friend/family member did a tour.  From driving so many tours we have acquired a wealth of knowledge to pass on to our groups to make sure you have the best possible time. We realize that as the organizer of your group that you have the hardest job so we are here to try and make it as easy as possible on you. Here are some great pro tips to ensure an amazing tour. We have perfected how to have a perfect tour down to a science&lt
Before Your Tour
The organizer of your tour is sent a confirmation email that explains what we provide, where to go, when to show up, where to park and many other important things. A great idea is to forward, screenshot, copy/paste this email because everything everyone needs to know is in this and you will not have to say everything over and over. Also no one can say you did not tell me this or that, its just that they did not read what you sent them. On the day of the tour they can check against what you sent out instead of having to text/call you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out anytime via call, text or email.  We will call you a few days before your tour to walk you through how the day of your tour will play out. Read our other blog entries before this phone call and you will have a greater understanding of what to expect during your tour and see some great decorating ideas
What we tell you during the phone call the week before your tour
Tours begin and end at 100 Wilkinson Street which is right next to Middle Ages Brewing. Our guests have free parking in the front and side of the building. We need everyone to come early because we have pre tour stuff we have to do with your group. Your group will need to sign a waiver before we begin our pre tour spiel (they are printalbe on our FAQ section and also attached to your confirmation email) so print them out ahead of time and have your group sign them as they arrive. By completing this ahead of time it speeds up the boarding process, hopefully we are able to get everything done before your tour start time and we leave a littler earlier which is free bonus time out on the bike. Make sure everyone in your group knows not to tailgate in the street or parking lot before the tour. We do not want to get off on the wrong note because we have a great partnership with our landlord who owns the property where both our tours start.
If you are celebrating a birthday/bachelorette
Don’t forget the decorations, our Facebook page, blog and the gallery on this website have some great ideas from prior groups. You are able to bring your own food, snacks, appetizers and candy on the bike to celebrate. Just don’t forget the plates, napkins, knives that go along with it.   When decorating don’t forget to bring masking tape to use (no packaging tape or clear tape because we dont want the finish to get taken off the bike and cleaned up for the next tour) for ballons bring just a few and make sure they are on strings we cannot have tens of ballons blocking our view and when hanging things keep in mind you don’t want them to be in someone’s face. Signs on the back of the bike are a BIG Deal when groups make signs all the cars and people on the streets go wild,  they cannot be wider than a door tho (so they don’t cover our turn signals). Put holes in the corners and bring string/zip ties to hang them. Your driver will help you decorate, when the tour is done help them clean it up. NO giant penises ladies we don’t need a kid having to see that. Wolfs Biergarden lets you bring in your own food and snacks which is nice because you can set everything on a table and serve your food. Try to bring cupcakes versus a cake so you do not have to bring all of the serving utensils.
What to wear –
We have plenty of storage space on the bike for you to put your purses, jackets, gloves, food, etc. The driver stays with the bike while you go into the bar to keep your belongings safe. I always tell groups to overdress and be warm.  In the summer the biggest thing is proper footwear, NO flip flops or sandals while they may have a back on them and not be in danger of falling off exposed toes are dangerous. When the bike is moving the pedals keep moving so when your feet inevitably slip off the pedals we don’t want the pedal to come around and hit your foot. Don’t wear sundresses or skirts either as you can imagine you are sitting on a bike seat you will not be comfortable. Many women have told us we should let others know to wear a sports bra. Please bring a wristlet versus a large purse because all you need is your ID, cash and your credit card during the tour.
What to bring with you?
You do not need to bring a speaker we provide a speaker with a Bluetooth system for you to play whatever you want from your phone. You can bring whatever food, snacks, appetizers and candy that you want. While some food you will be able to eat on the bike while you pedal and others while you are stopped. Wolfls Beergarden is one bar where you can bring your own food into which is perfect for harder to eat foods like cake, chicken wing dip, salsa and dips etc. Some groups bring huge quantities of food, sometimes everyone brings only chips so coordinate what everyone is bringing. Cheese and crackers and vegetable trays tend to not be eaten. You are allowed to bring 2 alcoholic beverages per person on the bike this means 12 oz cans of beer, wine, cider, sparkling seltzers or mikes hard lemonade type drinks. NO glass and NO liquor which includes jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles and NO boxed wine that you plan on drinking out of solo cups because with all the bumps it will spill all over. Let your groups know all of this because we strictly enforce these rules and you will have to return them to your car across the street.  Have everyone bring cash, it will make it easier for everyone to pay you back and when you go into the bar you will be on a time limit and when people open tabs it is a time consuming process to close them and we don’t want for you to be late. When you are late from one bar it eats into your time at the following bars. We don’t want you to have to dash in and have to rush at the last bar. Dont forget to tip your driver you will see how hard they work making sure you and your friends have a great experience, they do alot more than just drive you from point A to point B. People always wonder what to tip the driver and $5 a person is pretty standard unless people are rowdy and then throw them extra. They will let you know what the drink specials are at the bars you pick, call you ahead of your tour to walk you through how the day of your tour will play out, call to order food ahead for you, take group photos and watch over your belongings. The organizer collects the tip money ahead of time and gives it to the driver at some point before the end of the tour because at the end it is chaios.
When you show up?
Sign the waivers and when the tour before you comes back start rallying your troops to use the bathroom and close out there tabs. When the group before yours ends they do a last group photo, give them there bellongings and clean up the bike then your driver will come to find them. If you rent the 15 seat bike you have the Bud Light Bike, if you have the 13 seat bike you have the yellow one.  We ask that you show up early so that we can get everyone situated on the bike, take a group photo, go over information about the bike and put your belongings away before the tour begins. The BIGGEST thing you can do to speed up the process is have everyone sign the waiver ahead of time while you are having drinks or before then (they are printable under the FAQ section) Please listen when the driver is going over the information about the tour ahead of time. We understand you are here to have fun and are super excited but we need to make sure we let everyone know the safety rules and tell you how to have fun (read my wild stories blog) . As the organizer of your group we will take all the photos on your phone so you can chose what photos you want to send out to everyone else.  The bike has plenty of storage space for food and snacks, purses, extra clothing and room for a cooler. Now that you can bring your own cans of beer on the bike and wine in single serving plastic containers which you can find at your local liquor store. Bring two alcoholic beverages per person (12oz cans). NO Glass, No liquor which includes jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles and NO growlers or boxed wine that you would drink out of a solo cup because with all the bumps that will make a mess. We cannot have this on the bike and if you try to bring it you have to bring it back to your car and then they will be mad because they would have just brought what they were allowed to bring.  On our way back at the end of your tour we will give you a 5 minute warning and a last chug before we need to dispose of your cans and get ready for the next tour
Tour Dont’s

Arrive Late
Try and steal glasses from bars/Bring drinks out of the bar to drink on the bike
Have a conversation with friends while your driver is giving pre tour instructions (you are just cutting into your bar time
Try to get your driver to drink with your group (every group has one person who will try)
Smoke cigarettes/cigar on the bike. As long as your group does not care about e cigarettes we dont care
Forget the plates, napkins, cake knife, candles that go along with your food.</li>
Do Not Bring noise makers, we try our best to not make our neighbors angry at our noise
Drive Drunk.  Don’t be stupid and drive drunk. With Uber and Lyft no one has an excuse to drive drunk

Pro Tips

Slice limes for cans of Bud Light Lime and Corona
Don’t forget the water
Bring munchies to eat on the bike and food to eat in the bar on your route that allows you to bring in food
Control the music versus ask the group what they want to hear
Give your group a 5 minute warning in the bar. Finish your drink, dont get another drink, use the bathroom, close out your tab etc.
Make sure your phone has enough memory/battery for photos to be taken on it</li>
Bring a wristlet versus a large purse
For late night tours don’t try and over decorate because certain things will not be seen when it is dark out
Decide ahead of time what you want to do after your tour ends. Trying to get 13 people to agree on anything is hard, it is even harder after they have been drinking for 2 hours.
Call your uber ahead of time so they are waiting for you when you get back (we will let you know what time your group will be back at) Your tour ends 2 hours from your starting time so know to send your pick up for then
If someone cannot arrive on time they can meet us at the first bar and sign the waiver and join your group there

Thank you for taking the time to read this, now when you book a tour you will now how to party and have an amazing experience&lt