Our COVID-19 Policy Updated April 8th 2021

We are allowed to operate each of our bikes at full capacity now (13 people)  It really is a normal pedal tour except having to wear a mask when you enter/leave the restaurant and having to get a food item for each table in the group.

With the governors new orders that bars must serve food in addition to the purchase of alcohol it has impacted our tours but only slightly because the bars either have a cheap food item to add to each purchase or you can split one appetizer among the group. They just need to make sure that each receipt shows a food item and alcohol so putting all your drinks on one card is one way to help them in case they get audited.  The biggest difference in past years is that you now cannot go up to the bar to order so they must seat you then take your order. When your driver calls you to walk you through your tour that is when we can tell you what time we will arrive so we encourage you to try and make a reservation and pre order your food. Sometimes they can do it, others they cant but they will try and serve yous knowing you are on a time frame. 

  • Only private groups of family, friends or business associates will be allowed.
  • Anyone feeling ill we ask not to come to protect your group
  • You bring all of your own food and drinks. Please refrain from bringing finger foods and instead to individually wrapped items.
  • The bike will be cleaned before each tour using CDC approved chemicals.
  • The time slots between tours has been extended so that no groups coming or going come into contact with each other before/after tour.
  • Any to go food/drinks we will call in ahead of time to make sure the bar/restaurant has capacity for guests to use the bathroom.
  • We will take groups around downtown to cool murals, parks, views of the city skyline.
  • Syracuse Pedal Tour employees will be fully masked (mouth and nose covered) when within 6 feet of any customer.

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