Get to Know Syracuse, NY with a Pedal Tour

SYRACUSE, NY has quite a bit to offer in the summer, but many residents and locals of the area might not know of all of them. Some local residents may not even know some of the historical pieces the city has to show. If you’re looking for something fun to do outdoors while learning about some of the architecture, take a pedal bike tour!

Pedal bike tour with Syracuse Pedal Tours

Syracuse Pedal Tours Offers Architecture Tour

The city of Syracuse is filled with some amazing history and architecture, and our pedal bike tours allow you to pedal to specific sites around the city.  You can get off the bike and our tour guide/drive will explain some of the history and future of these spots. It’s a fantastic way to get to know your beautiful city while having a few drinks and food on the bike.

Here’s what the tour includes:

  • Pedal to select architecture and historical sites
  • Group photos with architecture behind them
  • Bring beer, wine, and food for the ride
  • Example history: Erie Canal, Abolition Movement, Sam Shubert, Horatio Nelson White
  • Open to all ages (minors on family architecture tours and school tours)

The bike fits up to 13 people with a minimum of 7 people pedaling. We can also take a second bike from our Rochester bikes on Mondays for a 2-bike tour with up to 26 people (2-13 seat bikes). It’s recommended to make a couple stops at bars or restaurants along the way.

These architecture tours are also great for any group. It could be a team bonding experience with your co-workers, or it could be a family outing. These are great tours to get to know the history of Syracuse, NY.

If you’re looking for something fun and interesting to do outside this summer in Syracuse, NY, contact Syracuse Pedal Tours at 315-420-9640 to book a pedal tour with us!

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