Themed Pedal Bike Tour

Syracuse Pedal Tours provides Syracuse with pedal bike tours of all sorts. From pub crawls to teams building tours, we offer the best experience to ride around downtown Syracuse. The best part about a pedal bike tour is the freedom the riders have with planning a theme. Make the ride a little bit more interesting and fun with a crazy theme.

themed pedal bike tour

Here are some cool ideas for a themed pedal bike tour:

  • Dress up as your favorite TV show/Movie characters – this is a great theme, especially if you’re doing a private pub crawl or a brewery tour because the people at those bars will get to see your crazy outfits.
  • Make it a decade theme – Make an 80’s playlist, dress accordingly! Or, if celebrating an anniversary for your grandparents or parents, make it a theme associated with the decade they met or got married in.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party – you can decorate signs, dress up the soon-to-be bride or groom and go out on the town with a pedal tour.

Choose from several types of pedal tours with Syracuse Pedal Tours, and we will be able to help you plan your themed celebration or night out on the town.

A great pedal tour to be themed would be a private pub crawl with friends or family. Bring your own beer, wine, cider and food. You have the ability to control the music, so create a themed playlist that everyone will like. You will be attending 3 bars for about 25 minutes a piece, and of course, there will be pictures being taken for you for your convenience. This is meant to be a laid-back night in Syracuse, so pick a cool theme and hop on our bike!

Syracuse Pedal Tours

Syracuse Pedal Tours offers pedal bike tours to experience Syracuse in a different way. If you’re looking to have a little party with friends or family, consider taking a pedal tour with a theme. This is the best way to get your group out of their shell and enjoy the night. Contact Syracuse Pedal Tours at 315-420-9640!

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