Celebrate Your Parents’ Wedding Anniversary on a Bike Tour

Your parents’ wedding anniversary is always a joyous occasion. The big milestone anniversaries most likely have special celebrations, but the smaller ones are sometimes overlooked by family members. A great way to surprise or celebrate your parents’ or relatives’ wedding anniversary is to book a pedal bike tour with Syracuse Pedal Tours!

Syracuse Pedal Tour progressive dinner

Make it a Dinner

A progressive dinner is a great pedal bike tour option for an anniversary.  Get your close family members together and share a wonderful summer evening on a pedal bike tour throughout Syracuse hitting up a few of the best restaurants of your choice.

What does the Progressive Dinner entail?

You will be able to attend two different restaurants of your choice on your tour to enjoy shareable food and drinks. Your organizer will call ahead to order the specific food and drinks, so everything will be ready for when we arrive. You pay for the food at the restaurant, and most parties bring dessert for the pedal tour. The bike can fit up to 13 people and a minimum of 7.

Private Pub Crawl

If you’re thinking of making it more of a party, consider booking it a private pub crawl! A private pub crawl entails:

  • Bring your own beer, wine, cider and food
  • Control the music with our Bluetooth speaker
  • Attend 3 bars for about 25 minutes a piece
  • Make it memorable with group photos

A private pub crawl is a great way to get your parents out for their anniversary. This can be a laid-back night with friends and family enjoying some of the best pubs in the city, while celebrating the special occasion.

If you’re looking to do something fun this season, consider booking a pedal bike tour with Syracuse Pedal Tours for your family members’ wedding anniversary, or even just a night on the town. Contact us at 315-420-9640!


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