Why You Should Take a Pedal Bike Tour in Syracuse

Pedal bike tours are the new hot thing to do in the Summer, and as the weather starts to break a little bit, we start thinking of things to do outside.  Syracuse Pedal Tours provides fun-filled pedal tours around the city of Syracuse, which include bar crawls, bachelorette parties, and more!

Syracuse Pedal Tours bike outside of Dinosaur Barbeque

Make it a party

If you plan to take a pedal tour with your friends and family, make it a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary celebration.  You can even get your co-workers out of the office for a Saturday gathering to enjoy each other’s company without being stuck in the office.

What we offer

The pedal tours we offer include private pub crawls, bachelorette parties, architecture tours, and progressive dinners.  Each tour that you schedule for is a little different than the other.  With bar crawls, we take you on a two-hour trip to 3 bars around the downtown area. Progressive dinners consist of stopping by some different courses and cocktails. Bachelorette/Bachelor parties are usually themed bar crawls where we allow you to mingle and be your dd. Architecture Tours are very fun because you get to learn a little bit of the rich Syracuse history.

Start the season off right

Once the weather starts to break, the residents in the Upstate, NY area tend to get excited and get outside as soon as possible.  The long winters can be a toll on our mental state, so we have an itch to get outside and attend some events. What better way to start the season off right than to schedule a planned pedal tour with Syracuse Pedal Tours. If you’re looking to have a party and grab some drinks and food without having to worry about a designated driver, or if you’re looking to learn a bit of history, we provide with those types of tours.

Plan a tour with us as soon as possible! The weather looks like it’s breaking, so let’s get out and have some fun! Contact Syracuse Pedal Tours at 315-420-9640 for more information on our tours.

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