Great Signs To Piggyback Off When Making Your Own

People have always made signs to decorate the bike with but starting last year people starting putting their Venmo/Cash App on them and O WOW did that prove to be a great idea. Who doesnt like Free Money? Its not a car stuck behind us at a red light it is all your friends, family, co workers that could not make your birthday, bachelorette party, etc showing you love by paying for a drink at the bar.

Shout out to all the amazing groups who made these signs. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so take a look at these amazing signs and use them for inspiration on your pedal tour. Remember to put them on a piece of posterboard (it cannot be wider then a door frame so that it does not cover up our turn signals. Poke some holes in the corners for zip ties, strings or painter tape (no clear or packaging tape on the bike)Signs not only look good on the back of the bike are a great prop to hold in the group photos your driver will take of you

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