The Route

Our only goal is to make sure you have as much fun as possible and want to go on another tour. You dont have to let us know what route you want to do until when we call you the Monday before your tour to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out what route you want to take.  The jist of how the routes work is that you pick one bar among a cluster of bars in an area then get on the bike and pedal to a different part of downtown and pick among that cluster of bars. Tours begin and end at our new garage space at 220 Herald Place. Be sure to remind people it is not Harold as in the name or Herald “street” which is somewhere far off. 220 Herald Place is where Press Room Pub is which is a great bar and restaurant where our tours commonly meet up before for drinks or end up going for food and drinks after. If you plan on eating after we encourage you to make a reservation because it is a popular place.

Area 1

Wolfl’s Biergarten lets you bring in your own food to eat

Area 2

Shaughnessy’s which is in the Hotel Syracuse

Area 3

Oh My Darling does $1 off drinks for our riders

Blue Tusk

Empire Brewing

Or Any of the other Armory Square Bars

Armory Square District features many amazing restaurants to pick between

Bring in your own food and snacks when you visit Wolfls Beer Garden

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