The Route

With covid changing things we wanted to update this page  (April 8 2021) to reflect how our tours now work. If you had done a tour in prior years you visited 3 bars but now you visit only 2. The bars have less staff working and with the governors new orders banning ordering at the bar they must seat you. All of the bars are working to follow the governors orders of food with each alcohol purchase but they are either doing something really cheap such as popcorn, chips and salsa, etc or you can share an appetizer among many people. Your driver will call you a few days before your tour to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out where you want to go. We will tell you what time you will arrive so that you can try and make a reservation and pre order some food. Some places take reservations, others it depends on what day of the week it is. Calling ahead makes a difference. 

Currently Press Room Pub where our tours begin and end is closed. We will update and let you know when they do reopen

The Bars To Pick Between

Wolfls Biergarten

Press Room Pub – If you are on the Middle Ages Bike


Kitty Hoynes

Blu Tusk

Clinton Street Pub

Otro Cinco

Anything But Beer

And Many Many More That You Can Pick

Even if you want to visit 2 bars that are right by each other we can pedal around the city and come back to the second bar you want to visit. We want to make sure you get your pedals worth in the bike because that is the funnest part and why you rented the bike. If you are one of the groups that says they just want to pedal around make sure you remember that it is just pedal powered so you do need to make at least one stop to use the bathroom facilities. 

Armory Square District features many amazing restaurants to pick between

Bring in your own food and snacks when you visit Wolfls Beer Garden

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